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The Approach

To realize our vision in an all-inclusive and complementary way, SANTORY will: 

Invest on innovative, next–generation technology, informed by well–tested instrumentation in deep-sea exploration and the latest developments in marine genomic observation, to monitor active shallow (<500m) hydrothermal field processes and assess volcanic and seismic hazards (e.g., landslides, tsunamis).

Design, develop, deploy and validate new underwater sensors and monitoring systems, increasing significantly the national competence (worldwide) for such activities, while promoting excellence and innovation at international level by forging close collaborations with renowned, top-rank researchers, domain experts and institutes.

Create an integrated open–access data hub (encompassing optical, oceanographic, physical, geochemical and microbiological datasets) to serve the wider scientific community, civil protection agencies, industrial innovators and the society at large.

Link the SANTORY Open Data Hub with major world initiatives, such as the EMSO, the U.S. submarine cabled observatory (Regional Scale Nodes), and the Canadian observatory (NEPTUNE Canada) forging collaborations in infrastructure, architecture and interoperability.

Create novel communication tools using emerging technologies (such as virtual and augmented reality and mobile platforms) to promote the fascinating world of active underwater volcanic ecosystems on the EU’s shores and different strategies and protocols for underwater hazard mitigation to specialist and non–specialist target audiences.

Provide the scientific community, policymakers and stakeholders (at local, national and EU/International levels) with interregional monitoring protocols for assessment of hazard warning codes building upon continuous follow up mechanisms mitigating societal impacts (e.g. timely evacuation) of natural hazards upon nearby populated areas.